Protect your photography assets against theft with DNA-Watermark and DNA-Ink Systems.

The image above has been protected with our nearly-undetectable DNA-Autograph watermarking software.

The most advanced way to protect your images from online theft.

Inkjet cartridges and writing pen refills infused with your blood.

Protect your images using a watermark created with your own unique DNA Signature.

Refill your inkjet cartridge or favorite writing pen with ink infused with your own blood.

Say goodbye to massive, ugly watermarks.

Basic photoshop skills can defeat most any typical logo watermark methods. We can no longer trust our photography assets to "PROOF" overlays.

STEP 1: Sign Up

Sign up and request a DNA Sample kit. It will contain full instructions, two sample containers, and return postage.

STEP 2: Submit a DNA Sample

Lab specialists will process and register your DNA sample and you’ll be notified when your watermark is ready.

STEP 3: Install The Software

Your protection options includes free plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom as well as OS X Automator Actions.

Hover to see original image.

Hover to see original image.

STEP 1: Sign Up

Sign up with DNA-Autograph to request a blood collection kit.

STEP 2: Have Blood Drawn

Take the kit to a local Phlebotomy lab along with all included paperwork.

STEP 3: Refill Your Ink

Our easy to use pen and inkjet refill kit will be mailed to you in a secure container packed in dry ice.

DNA Autograph Product FAQ:

Q: Will DNA-Ink protect my images on Facebook?

A: DNA-Ink is a "media" protection system, it is physical ink that contains your DNA (in the form of actual blood). To protect your images online, use our DNA-Watermark product.

Q: Can I use DNA-Watermark on my laptop?

A: Your DNA-Watermark image will be provided in PNG, JPG, and GIF format. You can also apply your unique DNA-Watermark using Photoshop or Lightroom plugins

Q: What was the fate of the original DNA-Autograph Product?

A: The DNA-Autograph Product is no longer availble. People using it to draw blood to inject it into their ink cartridges should cease using the product immediately. No further information is currently available, pending the outcome of some minor legal issues with previous users.

Q: Why do I have to go to a phlebotomist to use DNA-Ink?

A: For the safety of our users, the DNA-Ink system requires trained staff for harvesting new inventory. Your medical insurance directory can provide you contact information for professional services near you.

Q: Why can't I have unlimited refills, like with the original DNA-Autograph Product?

A: Your safety is very important to us. A DNA-Ink refill request can only be filled every 12 weeks. Otherwise, the harvest process may caused unwanted side-effects or injury.

Q: What happens when the DNA-Ink supply needs to be refilled?

A: Simply visit a phlebotomist in your area to request a bank harvest. A supply of approximately two pints will be harvested, packaged and sent to DNA-Autograph for processing. Your new ink refills will arrive in approximately 2 weeks.

Q: Do you still sell the "Blood-red" ink product?

A: Although the “red” ink pen refills containing pure blood was our most popular product, it has been discontinued. We were unaware there are laws that prevented us from mailing this product to customers.

Q: Are the “DIY” blood autograph pen refills safe?

A: DNA-Autograph does not suggest any autograph pen refills that are not processed by professionals. Serious injury may result.

Q: Will my health insurance cover the cost of the inventory harvesting?

A: We have not found an insurance company that will do this. If you contact your insurance and they are willing to cover theses costs, please contact us, we’d love to know who they are.

Q: Will the ink from DNA-Ink be the right “color”?

A: Any minor photographic ink cartridge color shift is acceptable considering the high-security that the DNA-Ink product provides. Some customers tell us that the minor color shift adds a nice glow to skin tones.

Q: When using the DNA-Watermark product on my digital images, can I still use my branded watermark?

A: Yes, of course! If you still feel your name needs to be visible on your facebook uploads, or you want to litter your image with distracting and unflattering logos, you are still welcome to do it.

Q: I applied my DNA-Watermark using the Lightroom plugin, but I’m not able to see it. How do I know it’s there?

A: To make sure your image retains its full aesthetic value, DNA-Watermark is applied so it’s typically (usually) not perceptible to the human eye. Trust our product to protect your assets!

Q: What are the cleaning suggestions for DNA-Ink infused printer cartridges?

A: Inkjet cartridges often become clogged for various reasons, usually due to prolonged exposure to heat or non-use. The DNA-Ink treated cartridges are no exception. If your ink has coagulated, it will likely need to be replaced, not cleaned.

Q: My phlebotomist says she tried to call you during business hours to ask a question, but only gets voicemail.

A: Please note that we only receive and process harvested orders between sundown and sunrise. Our shipping/receiving and sales staff sleeps during the day.

Ready to protect your valuable assets?

Share online with confidence. Your watermark is completely yours, and cannot be duplicated or spoofed.

Getting ready for an autograph session?

Our DNA-Ink product provides the smoothest writing experience available. Your fans will walk away with a bit of you that they will cherish forever.